Milford Sound (NZMF) FSS SOP

Section 1:

1.1 Responsibilities

Milford Sound Flight Service Station is a Flight Information Service controlled from a tower in Milford Sound (NZMF). They are responsible for the airspace below SFC-11000ft. Area South sector (NZCH-S) doesn't control airspace until FL175 and Queenstown Approach doesn't control airspace until 13500ft however the aircraft are more than welcome to request a flight information service from them once they're outside of NZMF class G. Please note that Milfor Flight Service is an event position only. You must have permission from a director to connect to this position.

1.2 - Frequency and Callsign Information

Primary Frequency118.200 MHz
RTF DesignatorMilford Flight Service / Milford Traffic
Telephone DesignatorMilford Flight Service

1.3 Standard Operations-

The Milford Flight Service operator is NOT to give landing, take off or airways clearance. Milford Flight Service is a traffic and weather information service only.

1.4 Standard Phraseologies

1.4.1 Outbound/operating within the class G:

ELA: Milford Traffic, ELA on the apron taxiing runway 29 for operation along the Harrison river and Pembroke junction.

FSS: ELA, Flight service good morning. Runway 29 winds 290 @ 10 QNH1010. Traffic is FLC inbound 5 mile final.

1.4.2 Inbound traffic:

ELA: Milford traffic, ELA inbound runway 29 from Williamson point.

At this point, all you need to give is other traffic information (and weather if it has changed). If no one else is flying, a simple "ELA" is okay so the aircraft knows it has been aknowledged.

NB. Pilots are welcome to use this frequency as a common frequency zone. Think of it as being a supervised CFZ. If two pilots are co-ordinating with eachother, there is no need to step in and give information about eachother - they already know about eachother because they are co-ordinating.

1.5 Handoff

UNICOM or Area South sector is the next frequency to go to unless the aircraft is heading north or east, they will then go to Queenstown Approach. Since you are not technically controlling, it is not necessary to hand people over to a controller or UNICOM. If you notice a pilot is out of the zone and is still on your frequency and has not reported clear to any other pilots, prompt them to switch frequency.