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All The Way South

For the first time, VATNZ operates an event in the Antarctic. Join the action in the little travelled McMurdo Sector (NZCM_FSS) as legions of aircraft toil to move personnel and supplies between Christchurch and the Ice before the end of the southern summer. We will have the full afternoon dedicated to this 5 hour flight down to the bottom of the earth. Flights are two way - pick a departure point (either Christchurch or Williams Field) and travel to the other; New Zealand ATC will be in full swing so you won't miss out! There are a range of other airports in Antartica so feel free to fly to any other options. Flight distance is approximately 2100nm.


NZWD Williams Field, Antarctica


 CallsignRadio NameFrequencyFreq
FSSNZCM_FSSMcMurdo Radio128.700
 NZZO_FSSAuckland Radio128.900
CTRNZCH-S_CTRChristchurch Control129.300
APPNZCH_APPChristchurch Approach126.100
TWRNZCH_TWRChristchurch Tower118.400
 NZWD_TWRWilliams Field Tower126.200