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Auckland RNAV Night

The Auckland ILS / DME approach has been inoperable for the last month, in spirit of conducting events as real as possible we will be flying into Auckland were you can expect an RNAV approach or maybe even a VOR DME approach. 

The North bound route takes in some spectacular scenery as you over fly Lake Taupo with Mt Raupau at your 9 o'clock. 

The South bound leg will take you past Rotoura and Kaimai Ranges before on your final descent you will overfly the Kaweka Range. Finally you will see the spectacular Hawkes Bay. 

One flight should take approximately 1 hour, meaning plenty of time for a return journey. The route is typically operated by the Q300 aircraft although any twin turbo prop would also work. Maximum aircraft size is a Boeing 737 or A320.  

Wednesday Challenge

For this week’s challenge it is encouraged to attempt the RNAV Y approach into Auckland to add to the realism of an inoperable ILS.


AANR 1 - H372 TULMI Y888 MOOSE H372

AANR 4 - H372


NRAA 3 - H211 GENDA Y733 LEGER H182 (For flights at 11,000 ft or above, maintain 10,000 ft to 30 NR)

NRAA 5 - H211 (9000 ft or below)

Photograph By

Nathanael Brown


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NZAA Auckland, New Zealand


 CallsignRadio NameFrequencyFreq
CTRNZCH-B_CTRBay Approach119.500
 NZCH-R_CTRAuckland Control126.000
APPNZAA_APPAuckland Approach124.300
TWRNZAA_TWRAuckland Tower118.700
 NZNR_TWRNapier Tower124.800
GNDNZAA_GNDAuckland Ground121.900