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This week's focus airport is Dunedin. Located on the southeastern coast of New Zealand, this airport is a regional airport serviced by flights to and from Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Dunedin airport is also an international airport with weekly flights across the Tasman. Mainland Air, based in Dunedin, operate charter flights and flight training. Dunedin is an ideal place to fly with an ILS, but is also a major hub for VFR flights.

Again, all we ask is that you either depart or arrive into Dunedin.

Expect the usual high quality of ATC as we try to bombard Dunedin with all kinds of traffic. Bring any jet up to a Category D, but if you feel like bring a bigger aircraft along, feel free to. We also welcome VFR flights and people new to VATSIM to fly during the event.



 CallsignRadio NameFrequencyFreq
CTRNZCH-K_CTRChristchurch Control129.400
 NZCH-S_CTRChristchurch Control129.300
TWRNZDN_TWRDunedin Tower120.700