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Flight Club Special

This week come join the Flight Club group as we leave New Zealand for the first time and adventure into the Pacific. For our journey today we will depart from Pago Pago International Airport (NSTU) in American Samoa and fly across the date line to Faleolo in Samo but there will be plenty of stop along the way so pack some dinner. Everyone young or old, beginner or expert is welcome to come and join in. Remember this is a social group flight and we will be departing after a pre-flight discussion. 

Please note this event will be longer than the normal flight club events and people are welcome to join and leave at different stages in the evening. Some airports may also not be in default scenery; I have tried to include every airport in the region so that people with pay ware scenery get the full experience. 

Flight Time

approximately - 2.5hrs


  • Depart Pago Pago (NSTU) and fly a anti clockwise around the island. 
  • After passing Pola Island begin to fly North West to Samoa.
  • Fly along the Northern coast of Samoa past Uafato Bay, Faga-loa Bay and onto Fagali'l Airprot (NSFI).
  • Preform a Touch and Go at Fagali'l (NSFI).
  • Fly South and past Mount Fiamore before heading West along the Southern Coast.
  • Fly overhead Manono and Apolima Islands on track to Savai'l Island.
  • Fly clockwise around Savai'l Island before doing a stop and go at Asau Airport (NSAU).
  • Continue flying clockwise and preform a touch and go at Maota (NSMA).
  • Finally fly straight into Faleolo (NSFA) for a full stop landing. 

If you feel like you cannot follow specific landmarks to each waypoint you may track direct between each airport however most pilots will follow the leader.


  • Meet in the VATNZ Flight Club TeamSpeak room.
  • server =
  • nickname = first name space last name space vatsim id
  • password = Temporary TeamSpeak password for event will be the event departure airport ICAO in lower case.


To have your flight booking appear on the VATNZ Homepage to let others know you plan to fly, remember to book your flight in Vroute.


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NSFA Faleolo, Western Samoa

NSFI Fagali'I, Western Samoa

NSMA Maota, Western Samoa

NSTU Pago Pago International, American Samoa

NSAU Asau, Western Samoa