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Icey Christmas Eve

Normally a New Zealand Christmas is associated with sun and beaches, but not this year. Tonight we take our planes down to Antarctica, to experience a 'snowy' Christmas. Fly as many flights as possible between the 4 major Antarctica airports: McMurdo Sound Sea Ice Runway (NZIR), Pegasus Field Blue Ice Runway (NZPG), South Pole Station (NZSP) and Williams Field (NZWD). Try and fly as many legs as possible in any order!


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NZSP South Pole Station, Antarctica

NZPG Pegasus Field Blue Ice Runway, Antarctica

NZWD Williams Field, Antarctica

NZIR McMurdo Sound Sea Ice Runway, Antarctica


 CallsignRadio NameFrequencyFreq
FSSNZCM_FSSMcMurdo Radio128.700
TWRNZIR_TWRIce Tower126.200
 NZWD_TWRWilliams Field Tower126.200