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New Years Eve Special

Its New Year’s Eve and people will be out and about, so here’s a special event which gives you 8 hours of routes and challenges to fly in anything from a Cessna to a Boeing 737. The plan is to have a 'group' flight starting at Whangarei heading all the way to Wellington in 6 flights, all approximately 1 hour long.

Along the way there are special objectives planned which are you may decide to participate in. These include flying low level and under the Auckland Harbour Bridge, although there are so many more. Obviously it is a slight competition and people can post their results under this event in the forums, points are noted next to each stage in the route. 

Flight times will vary because of aircraft performance, for the optimal experience an aircraft with similar performance to a King Air is recommended.


  • If you want to talk to the other pilots flying the TeamSpeak is avliable as a voice option and will have a temporary password setup.
  • server =
  • nickname = first name space last name space vatsim id
  • password = Temporary TeamSpeak password for event will be "nzwr" in lowercase. 

Whangarei (NZWR) - Auckland (NZAA)


  • Depart NZWR heading West towards the West Coast
  • Once you are overhead Dargaville follow the Wairoa river south, stay below 500ft while following the river (10 points)
  • When you pass North Head leave through the inlet climbing to 1500ft or below (2 points)
  • Follow the coast 1500ft or below (2 points)
  • Make a left turn over the Waitakere Rangers Regional Parkland remaining clear of the Whenuapai control zone (2 points)
  • Fly over downtown Auckland and setup for a flight under the Auckland Harbour Bridge (20 points)
  • Turn right after completing the run and contact Auckland Tower (118.700) for landing instructions at Auckland (NZAA)

Auckland (NZAA) - Hamilton (NZHN)


  • Depart from the active runway VFR as assigned by Auckland Tower (118.700)
  • Leave the Auckland Airport area through the Manukau Heads 500ft or below (5 points)
  • Track south along the West coast to Port Waikato 500ft or below (5 points)
  • Follow the Waikato River into Hamilton without crossing any land, 500ft or below (30 points)
  • Once clear of the Hamilton CBD make a right turn onto a left base for runway 07
  • Complete a Touch and Go on Runway 07 (2 points)
  • Make a right circuit for runway 36R or 36L remaining within 3 HN DME (5 points)
  • Preform a Full Stop landing on 36R or L 

Hamilton (NZHN) - Tauranga (NZTG)


  • Depart Runway 36R or 36L, fly straight ahead until you see State Highway 26
  • Follow State Highway 26 (2 points)
  • Once you reach Paeroa descend to 200ft AGL and fly though the Karangahake Gorge (30 points)
  • When you see Waihi start tracking towards Bowentown (2 points)
  • Descend to 200ft or below and follow the coast of Matakana Island (5 points)
  • Fly a clockwise orbit around Mount Mauganui reach 1000ft prior to completion (15 points)
  • Land on the ATC assigned runway


Tauranga (NZTG) - Rotorua (NZRO)


  • Depart Tauranga (NZTG) on the ATC assigned runway.
  • Head West towards the Kaimai Mountain Range
  • Fly South low level along the mountain ridge (5 points)
  • Navigate the Rotorua Lakes in any order (Green Lake, Lake Rotomahana, Lake Tarawera, Lake Okataina, Lake Rotoiti, Lake Rotoehu, Lake Rotoma, Lake Rotoarua) (30 points)
  • Land on the active runway.

Rotorua (NZRO) - Taupo (NZAP)


  • Depart Rotorua (NZRO) on the assigned runway
  • Fly south towards Taupo (5 points)
  • Descend to 500ft or below and fly anti-clockwise around Lake Taupo (20 points)
  • Land on the active runway

Taupo (NZAP) - Palmerston North (NZPM)


  • Depart Taupo (NZAP) and track along the East Coast of the Lake 1000ft or below (2 points)
  • Fly a Clockwise orbit around the following mountains (Mt Tongariro, Mt Ngauruhoe, Mt Ruapehu) (15 points)
  • Track South along the Ruahine Forest Park (Fault Line) (5 points)
  • Land on the assigned runway at Palmerston North (NZPM) 


Palmerston North (NZPM) - Wellington (NZWN)


  • Depart Palmerston North (NZPM) and track South along the Tararua Mountain Range (10 points)
  • Proceed South towards Palliser Bay and descend to 500ft or below (5 points)
  • Track along the coastline towards Wellington 500ft or below (5 points)
  • Proceed inbound for the active runway at Wellington


NZAA Auckland, New Zealand


 CallsignRadio NameFrequencyFreq
TWRNZAA_TWRAuckland Tower118.700
 NZHN_TWRHamilton Tower122.900
 NZPM_TWRPalmerston North Tower120.600
 NZRO_TWRRotorua Tower121.200
 NZTG_TWRTauranga Tower118.300
 NZWN_TWRWellington Tower118.800