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Ohakea (NZOH)

This week's focus airport is Ohakea (NZOH). Ohakea (NZOH) is one of three RNZAF bases around the country and is home to No. 3 Squadron (Iroquois) and No. 42 Squadron (B200 King Air) RNZAF as well as the RNZAF Pilot Training School (CT4E Airtrainer). It also acts as a secondary diversion airport for civilian B747's if both Auckland and Christchurch are temporarily closed.

Ohakea (NZOH) is radar controlled with approaches being handled by Ohakea Control. Ohakea is equipped with an ILS approach for the main runway 09/27 but for an added challenge you may want to attempt the VORTAC approach. You may also request a visual approach if the weather is good on the night. The approach in use at the time will be stated in the ATIS.

Bring out your favourite aircraft and fly into or out of Ohakea (NZOH) or plug into an ATC position listed below and don't miss out on the action.



 CallsignRadio NameFrequencyFreq
CTRNZCH-T_CTRChristchurch Control123.700
 NZOH_CTROhakea Control125.100
TWRNZOH_TWROhakea Tower134.500