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VATNZ's 10th Anniversary

2017 marked the 10th year of VATNZ's existence, so let’s celebrate. 

Fly between the largest city in New Zealand (Auckland) (NZAA) and the second largest (Christchurch) (NZCH). Use any aircraft from an old B17, DC10 or maybe represent the modern society with a B789 or maybe an A380, let's try having aircraft fill the skies from all generations and manufactures. 

VATNZ is comprised of all sorts of members from new pilots to real world pilots and controllers, there are Airbus fans as well as Boeing fans, and there is so much variation. So come show how unique everyone is and fill the skies with anything and everything.

Thanks to everyone that flew, controlled or helped with VATNZ during our first 10 years! We look forward to many more. 

VATNZ was founded on the first of January 2007 by:

  • Wagner Beskow
  • Norm Edwards
  • Jason Epps-Eades
  • John Golin
  • Beverley Howard-Smith
  • Russell Joudain
  • Andrew Moseley
  • Mark Richards
  • Terry Scanlan



Auckland - Christchurch

AACH1 AA H384 NP H252 NS Y288 CH(FL240 and above)

AACH5 AA H384 NP Y894 CH

Christchurch - Auckland

CHAA1 (Jets only) CH Y175 OMKUN Y655 POKOM Q277 AA

CHAA5 (Non-jets) CH H110 MUPAN Y781 RIVTA Y523 GULOV Y175 OMKUN Y311 DADUK Y273 PEPPE H182 AA


To have your flight booking appear on the VATNZ Homepage to let others know you plan to fly, remember to book your flight in Vroute.


Events Mailing List

This mailing list is used to announce upcoming online events in the VATNZ calendar. Receive reminder emails before each event detailing what's happening and where.

Subscribe to this list at:vatnz-events


NZAA Auckland, New Zealand

NZCH Christchurch, New Zealand


 CallsignRadio NameFrequencyFreq
CTRNZCH-K_CTRChristchurch Control129.400
 NZCH-R_CTRAuckland Control126.000
 NZCH-T_CTRChristchurch Control123.700
APPNZAA_APPAuckland Approach124.300
 NZCH_APPChristchurch Approach126.100
TWRNZAA_TWRAuckland Tower118.700
 NZCH_TWRChristchurch Tower118.400
GNDNZAA_GNDAuckland Ground121.900
 NZCH_GNDChristchurch Ground121.900