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World Flight Leg 25

This week we support World Flight by flying leg 25, which is the closest leg, time wise, to Weekly Wednesday.

Expected flight time is 4 hours. Full ATC coverage guaranteed with plenty of traffic! Expect a bun fight getting your clearance.

Nairobi airport is at an altitude of 5,330 ft, so with fuel for a 4 hour flight + contingency fuel, you could end up using most of the runway length!

The higher the airport altitude, the longer a runway needs to be.

For entertainment you can always listen to Brodie Murdoch, struggle to communicate with controller after controller, with his clapped out headset.

(One day the penny will drop, but it's definately taking a lot longer than I expected!)


HKJK - Nairobi


FNLU - Luanda


To have your flight booking appear on the VATNZ Homepage to let others know you plan to fly, remember to book your flight in Vroute.


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