Updated New Zealand Sector File

VATNZ has released an updated version of the Sector File for EuroScope and VRC for AIRAC 1412 effective 28NOV14.

Due to some minor errors in the first file, a replacement file was uploaded on 13 December 2014.

The file also includes the ese file for EuroScope.

Changes include:

  • Revised Ground and parking layout for:
    • Auckland
    • Christchurch
    • Palmerston North
    • Queenstown
    • Wellington
  • Updated SIDS and STARS for a number of Airfields including RNP approaches to Queenstown and new RNAV SIDS and STARS for Auckland, Dunedin, Nelson, Wellington
  • Standard Route updates
  • Airway and waypoint updates
  • Change order of SIDS & STARS to Airport/Runway/Name to make easier to find
  • Dividers between SIDS & Standard route clearances so easier to tell which is which
  • Fixed a few minor typing errors

To download the updated file, visit the Downloads section.