Solo Endorsements

A Solo Endorsement gives the student the ability to control by themselves on positions associated with the rating they are training for.

Students who are determined almost ready for their practical assessment will be awarded a Solo Endorsement by an appropriate member of the training department. The student will be able to practice what they have learned in lessons with instructors and gain more confidence in the process. The endorsement will be an integral part of training, offering more chances for students to hone their abilities.

The endorsement only applies for students training for Terminal Approach (S3) and Enroute Controller (C1) ratings.



Any controller using a Solo Endorsement is obligated to follow and be familiar with all requirements in this section.

1. The endorsee may not control one hour before or after a major event and may not control during an event.

2. The endorsee must ensure their endorsement is current and not expired before connecting to the network.

3. An Enroute Controller must not extend beyond their sector of control.

 Details on the requirements for a Solo Endorsement are found in the VATSIM Global Ratings Policy.

INFO line 3

Add the following to INFO line 3 when connecting to VATSIM

Solo Endorsement -