VATNZ Training Program

Section 1: General

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of this document is to outline the training requirements and components for each stage of training at VATNZ.

1.2 Background

Training programmes are an important part of the training process.  They define the requirements for each stage of training, including testing types and pass marks for each test.  Training Programmes also detail the resources used to conduct training and define which topics should be taught when and in which order.

1.3 Theory Assessments

Theory Assessments are designed to test the knowledge gained through studying the material contained in the various courses  The pass mark for all VATNZ quizzes is 80%.

1.4 Time Limit

In order to effectively manage our current student database, all students that apply for an ATC promotion are required to complete their theory test(s) and apply for practical training within 90 days of their application or their records will be removed from our system.

Where possible, those who have only partially completed test will be sent a reminder e-mail after 60 days, advising that they will have 30 days to complete their tests and apply for practical training.

1.5 Practical Training

Practical Training is either conducted on the Sweatbox server or on the VATSIM network.  Initial training is always conducted using Sweatbox as it allows the instructor more control over traffic.

Training Callsigns and notification of training:

When undergoing training, the standard callsign for the position shall be used and the following line shall be added to the student's ATIS: "Under instruction by (name of instructor)".

Training with an instructor on a different sector:

Generally speaking, instructors and mentors should be logged into the same sector as the student when conducting training.  However, there may be times where an instructor is logged into a higher position whilst the student is training on a lower position e.g. Instructor on a terminal sector, with the studetn on a tower position.

1.6 Practical Assessments:

Practical Assessments are designed to check that a student is able to control a sector/unit without the assistance of an instructor or mentor.  Practical assessments are carried out on the VATSIM network during periods of heavier traffic e.g. during Sunday Night Operations.  Only a member of staff with an Instructor Rating may conduct assessments.

Public announcements that a pratcial assessmenet is going to be taking place can only be made by the training director or the instructor conducting the assessment.

Section 2: Ratings

Follow the links below to individual rating training programs.