Area Control Rating (C1) Rating


  • Hold a TMA rating
  • Have (20) hours logged as a TMA controller over a period of at least 1 month
  • Have completed adequate study of the Moodle Enroute course.

Theory Component:


  • Area Control Moodle Course Quiz
  • Pass Mark: 80%

Practical Component:

Training Session Breakdown:

Note: Sweatbox training sessions will be carried out in order to meet the requirements set by VATNZ Training Department

Note: All training will be conducted at NZAA (Auckland International Airport).

Session 1:

Session Type: Sweatbox

Topics: Set up ATC client

Session 2: Departures/Arrivals


Recap from TMA Procedures

Session 3. Arrivals


  1. STAR Clearances
  2. Level instructions
  3. Area QNH
  4. Control Regional Aerodromes
  5. Direct Routings
  6. Speed control
  7. Aircraft Holds

Session 4: IFR Aircraft In Controlled Airspace/Uncontrolled airports


  1. Separation Requirements
  2. Departures from Uncontrolled Airspace
  3. Arrivals into Uncontrolled Airspace
  4. IFR Traffic Information
  5. Frequency Change Instructions and IFR Cancellation
  6. Phraseology for uncontrolled aerodromes


Session Type: VATSIM Practical Assessment
Pass Mark: 80% Phraseologies; 100% safety.
Comments: Practical assessment carried out on sweatbox covering all topics.