Oceanic Control

Welcome to the Oceanic Endorsement Course.

This is an optional endorsement which can be added to any VATSIM Enroute rating or higher.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be awarded an Oceanic Endorsement. An Oceanic Endorsement permits you to control any of the oceanic sectors in the YMMM, YBBB and NZZO FIRs, or other oceanic sectors as per the 'Participating FIR's' section of the Oceanic Procedures Manual.

The pre-requisites for this endorsement are:
1. Enroute rating (or higher). 
2. A minimum total of 50 hours (active ATC) with at least 25 of these being enroute (CTR).
3. Must be a member, or visiting controller in VATPAC or VATNZ. Members or visiting controllers in the USA should obtain their Oceanic Endorsement through VATUSA.

The course is based on student-driven learning. This means that you can take things as fast or slow as you like. We estimate that students should be able to complete the rating successfully with approximately 3-5 hours of study, although this will

Course Outline
The endorsement process is delivered in three parts:

Part 1: OCA procedures manual and self study.

In this part you will be introduced to the OCA procedures manual and endorsement criteria. The manual has been compiled from a number of sources and serves as your single resource for the entire endorsement. The manual is your "textbook" and operational guide for oceanic control. You will need to take some time to read through this and learn the concepts within. Most of your time should be spend on this section. There is no need to rush.

Part 2: Final Exam 1 - Oceanic Theory

This is the first of the two final assessments. The assessment is an electronic exam which you will take via this website. The exam consists of 27 questions - multiple choice, numerical answer and short answer. The questions focus on separation.