Terminal Approach Control (S3) Rating


  1. Hold a TWR rating with a minimum of 20 hours in TWR positions across a period of at least 1 month
  2. Have controlled TWR positions across a variety of (at least 3) different aerodromes.


  • Terminal Approach Control Moodle Course Quiz
  • Pass Mark: 80%

Practical Component:

Training Session Breakdown:

Note: Sweatbox training sessions will be carried out in order to meet the requirements set by VATNZ Training Department

Note: All training will be conducted at NZAA (Auckland International Airport).

Session 1: Setup

 Session Type: Sweatbox


1. Set up ATC client.

Session 2: Departures

Session Type: Sweatbox


  1. Terrain Separation
  2. Standard Instrument Departure Procedures (SID)
  3. Evaluated Climb Sectors
  4. Departure Instructions
  5. Cancelling a SID
  6. Instructions to intercept an aircraft’s route
  7. Level Instructions 
  8. Frequency Change Instructions
Session 3: Arrivals: 
Session Type: Sweatbox
Radar Identification:
  1. Identification Methods
  2. Following correlation, a full data block with the correct aircraft callsign is attached to a radar target
  3. Instructing an aircraft to “SQUAWK IDENT”
  4. A transfer of Radar Identification
  5. Verification of Mode C readouts
  6. Separation Requirements e.g. Visual Separation, Vertical Separation, Radar Separation.
Topic 2.
  1. Approach and Meteorological Information
  2. Terrain Separation
  3. Routing Instructions
  4. Standard Arrival Routings
  5. Non-Standard Arrival Routings
  6. Level Instructions
  7. Radar Vectoring
  8. For an Instrument Approach
  9. For a Visual Approach
  10. Speed Control
  11. Speed requirements for arriving aircraft
  12. Speed Control limits on an Instrument Approach e.g. "REPORT MINIMUM APPROCH SPEED"
  13. Approach Commencement
  14. Approach Commencement Levels
  15. Minimum Initial Approach Altitude
  16. Aircraft unable to be issued an approach clearance due conflicting traffic below
  17. Approach Clearances
  18. Instrument Approaches
  19. Circuit Integration
  20. Circling Approaches 
  21. Visual Approaches
  22. Missed Approach Procedures
  23. Frequency Change Instructions
Session 4:
Holding Procedures
Session 5:
Uncontrolled airspace:
  1. Separation Requirements
  2. Departures from Uncontrolled Airspace
  3. Arrivals into Uncontrolled Airspace
  4. IFR Traffic Information
  5. Frequency Change Instructions and IFR Cancellation

Session 6: Consolodation

Session Type: Sweatbox
Location: NZAA, NZWN, NZCH
Topics: All Topics.

Practical Assessment:

Session Type: Sweatbox assessment
Pass Mark: 80% phraseologies; 100% safety.
Comments: Practical assessment carried out on sweatbox covering all topics.