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Ashburton to Kaikoura

This week we depart Ashburton and head off on another long leg flight to kaikoura with a few touch and go's on the way in Christchurch, Hanmer Springs and Rangiora. It is a scenic and easy route to navigate through.

We welcome all pilots of all skill levels to come and join us this Saturday for a couple hours of fun filled flying.

Flight Time

1.5 to 2hrs


  • Depart Ashburton (NZAS) and track towards lake Ellesmere via the coast.
  • Keep on flying north until you get to Banks Peninsula, fly around it past Akaroa and Okains bay.
  • Fly inland to Christchurch (NZCH), perform t&g on grass runway.
  • Depart to the NNE (Hdg 025) from Christchurch towards the Waimakariri River.
  • Follow SH1 & SH71, to Rangiora (NZRT), perform t&g
  • From Rangiora find SH1 and follow till you reach Waipara.
  • Join SH7 and track towards Hanmer Springs. 
  • Nearing Hanmer Springs you should find you cross Waiau River.
  • Follow the river down stream, until you reach the east coast.
  • Your final leg will be following the coast north to Kaikoura.
  •  At Kaikoura (NZKI) we will make a full stop.

However if you feel like you cannot follow specific landmarks to each waypoint you may track direct to each airport.

Maps showing flight path

  • Click here


  • Meet in the VATNZ Flight Club TeamSpeak room.
  • server =
  • nickname = first name space last name space vatsim id
  • password = Temporary TeamSpeak password for event will be the event departure airport name in lower case.

Event designed by

  • Wesley St George


NZAS Ashburton, New Zealand

NZCH Christchurch, New Zealand

NZHR Hanmer Springs, New Zealand

NZRT Rangiora, New Zealand