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Kaipara Flats to Whitianga

This week we will be flying around the Hauraki Gulf,  Thames/Coromandel and the Waikato.

We welcome all pilots of all skill levels to come and join us this Saturday for a couple hours of fun filled flying.

Flight Time



  • Start at Kaipara Flats (NZKF).
  • Fly down the coast of the Hauraki Gulf towards Ardmore (NZAR).
  • Do a touch and go at Ardmore (NZAR).
  • Fly south to Mercer (NZME) and do a touch and go.
  • Fly east to Thames (NZTH).
  • Fly south to Matamata (NZMA) and do a touch and go.
  • Fly to Waihi beach (NZWV).
  • Fly up the coast to Pauanui (NZUN) and do a circuit.
  • Fly north to Whitianga (NZWT) for a full stop landing.


Maps showing flight path

  • Click here


  • Meet in the VATNZ Flight Club TeamSpeak room.
  • server =
  • nickname = first name space last name space vatsim id
  • password = Temporary TeamSpeak password for event will be the event departure airport name in lower case.

Event designed by

  • Brody Jellyman (Photos also)


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NZKF Kaipara Flats, New Zealand

NZMA Matamata, New Zealand

NZME Mercer, New Zealand

NZUN Pauanui Beach, New Zealand

NZWV Waihi Beach, New Zealand

NZWT Whitianga, New Zealand