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Mainline Trunk - Auckland & Christchurch

This week's SNO is our family favourite - Mainline Trunk.

This time around we're going to be focusing on just two airports, Auckland (NZAA) and Christchurch (NZCH).

Each direction is about 90 minutes so perfect to fly one way, turn around and fly back again. Make the controllers earn their living!


Auckland - Christchurch

AACH1 AA H384 NP H252 NS Y288 CH(FL240 and above)

AACH5 AA H384 NP Y894 CH

Christchurch - Auckland

CHAA1 (Jets only) CH Y175 OMKUN Y655 POKOM Q277 AA

CHAA5 (Non-jets) CH H110 MUPAN Y781 RIVTA Y523 GULOV Y175 OMKUN Y311 DADUK Y273 PEPPE H182 AA