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NZ versus OZ

A strong rivalry exists between New Zealand and Australia, whether it be pavlova, rugby, sheep jokes or any sporting event in which both countries are competing.

Australia and New Zealand have the same type of rivalry as you find between siblings. We have an extremely close relationship, but it's always nice to have a win on some point or other. We're particularly rivals in the sporting field, but if anyone from outside criticises or attacks either country, they have both of us to contend with.

This trans-Tasman rivalry will not be stronger than when our two countries meet in London next week for the start of the London 2012 Olympics.

This week's SNO (Sunday Night Operations) sees us go head-to-head in NZ versus Oz as we cross the "ditch" (the Tasman Sea) between the two largest cities in our respective countries, Auckland and Sydney.


Flying to London in four hours is a little unrealistic, so the challenge this week is to see whether more ZK (New Zealand) or VH (Australia) registered aircraft fly across the Tasman and how many legs that they complete. Will it be ZK or VH, and what will YOU fly?? Make sure you put your Aircraft Registration in your Flightplan Comments


Auckland to Sydney

  • AA N774 SY

Sydney to Auckland

  • SY L521 AA

Visit the Interactive Webpage for route information.

Total flight time one-way should be somewhere in the region of 3 - 3.5 hours depending on your aircraft type, and prevailing winds.


For correct position reporting in Oceanic Airspace, pilots are encouraged to read the VATNZ Oceanic Control Procedures information page.

Aircraft flying above FL245 MUST be SELCAL equipped. All non-SELCAL equipped aircraft must operate below FL245.

For information on SELCAL visit VATNZ Selcal Information Page


All Charts and Scenery links can be found at the airport reference files at the Event Webpage.


NZAA Auckland, New Zealand

NZCG Centennial Park, New Zealand


 CallsignRadio NameFrequencyFreq
FSSNZZO_FSSAuckland Radio128.900
CTRNZCH-D_CTRChristchurch Control129.200
 NZCH-R_CTRAuckland Control126.000
APPNZAA_APPAuckland Approach124.300
 NZQN_APPQueenstown Approach125.750
TWRNZAA_TWRAuckland Tower118.700
GNDNZDN_GNDDunedin Ground128.500
DELNZDN_DELDunedin Delivery128.400
 NZQN_DELQueenstown Delivery128.300