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Pandemic Weekend

This weekend we have a non-VATNZ event. Come support the international pilots this weekend. 


Virus discovered in NEW ZEALAND, massive pandemic expected. All personnel mobilize

Join us for a highly immersive real-time game of Pandemic set in New Zealand. From Friday the 22th at 18:00Z to Sunday the 24th at 22:00Z

You need to confirm your landings by pasting you flight link onto the Discord server that will be available during the weekend. 

Updates to the game board will be available on roll20 and google maps at this link: ... sp=sharing

Can we save middle Earth?

Here is the discord server:

We use roll20 to track the game board

Role playing is encouraged 

Callsign you can use:

UNO (United Nations)
Any other ambulance or health provider callsign

This could be a great opportunity to fly to places you don't usually fly and work towards a community goal!
Anyone who wants to help organizing is welcome to contact me.

All ATC welcome at any time!