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Pukaki to Ashburton

This week we will be leaving Pukaki and heading off for Ashburton, it's a long scenic flight without many touch and go's and easily flown in most small aircraft.

We welcome all pilots of all skill levels to come and join us this Saturday for a couple hours of fun filled flying.

Flight Time

1.5 to 2hrs


  • Track in a north direction from Pukaki (NZUK) via Lake Pukaki to Glentanner (NZGT), perform t&g
  • Leave Glentanner and follow the Tasman River to Mount Cook (NZMC), perform t&g
  • Depart from Mount Cook for a long flight to Timaru (NZTU).
  • Track north of Mount Cook (NZMC) to Tasman Glacier.
  • At the Tasman Glacier follow the valley to the right up towards the Classen Glacier.
  • From Classen Glacier follow the Godley River to Lake Tekapo.
  • At Lake Tekapo track to Timaru via Burkes Pass (SH8), perform t&g
  • Leave Timaru and head off to the final destination Ashburton (NZAS) via the coastline

However if you feel like you cannot follow specific landmarks to each waypoint you may track direct to each airport.

Maps showing flight path


  • Meet in the VATNZ Flight Club TeamSpeak room.
  • server =
  • nickname = first name space last name space vatsim id
  • password = Temporary TeamSpeak password for event will be the event departure airport name in lower case.

Event designed by

  • Wesley St George


NZAS Ashburton, New Zealand

NZGT Glentanner, New Zealand

NZMC Mount Cook, New Zealand

NZUK Pukaki, New Zealand