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Rugby World Cup FLY-IN

Rugby World Cup 2011 is nearly here! Get set for the event by visiting the event website.

Visit the Rugby World Cup FLY-IN  website for details for each phase and latest information.

What's it all about?

This two-phased event is centred around the Rugby World Cup, held in New Zealand from September through to October. Conducted just prior to the opening of the games, the focus is to ferry passengers from all around the world into Auckland, New Zealand, then getting them to the match locations in time for the first games.

Ferrying passengers from their home countries, aim to arrive into Auckland (NZAA) from 0600-0800 UTC on Sunday 4th September. The second phase will be conducted immediately afterwards with the aim of ferrying passengers from Auckland (NZAA) into the 10 other domestic locations that the matches will be held. With high traffic levels, this is sure to be an exciting but worthwhile challenge.

Throughout the event, VATSIM New Zealand (VATNZ) will be providing full gate-to-gate ATC coverage including its large oceanic airspace in the South Pacific.

Event Times

This worldwide event is timed to allow pilots from all around the world to join in the fun:

  • UTC: Sunday 4th September 2011 06:00 - Sunday 4th September 2011 11:00
  • AEST: Sunday 4th September 2011 16:00 - Sunday 4th September 2011 21:00
  • NZST: Sunday 4th September 2011 18:00 - Sunday 4th September 2011 23:00

The two phases

The two phases for the Rugby World Cup FLY-IN are:

  1. Flyin to Auckland, New Zealand (NZAA)
  2. Auckland (NZAA) to the following match destinations:
  • Wellington (NZWN)
    Dunedin (NZDN)
    Hamilton (NZHN)
    Rotorua (NZRO)
    New Plymouth (NZNP)
    Nelson (NZNS)
    Invercargill (NZNV)
    Whangarei (NZWR)
    Napier (NZNR)
    Palmerston North (NZPM)

Calling all Controllers!

Controllers wanting to get in on the action can also apply now at the event's ATC Applications page.