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Short Hops  - NZMF & NZQN

Join us for a special one off Wednesday event, Short Hops between Milford and Queenstown!

We are hosting this special event to get some more activity and more use of the NZMF Flight Service position.

Come and fly short hops between Queenstown and Milford. Everything from small tailwheel aircraft to twin turboprops like King Airs are welcome.

Make sure to read up on the new Milford Sound Procedures here:

This is useful to pilots as well as controllers as it outlines the radio procedures used at Milford Sound when Flight service is on watch.


ATC will be rostered on by the Events Director for this event.

To apply please use the applications tab above. Applications will close at the end of the Monday before the event.

Any listed positions not filled by rostered ATC will become free for all after the roster is published


NZQN Queenstown, New Zealand


 CallsignRadio NameFrequencyFreq
CTRNZCH-S_CTRChristchurch Control129.300
APPNZQN_APPQueenstown Approach125.750
TWRNZMF_TWRMilford Flight Service Station118.200
 NZQN_TWRQueenstown Tower118.100
GNDNZQN_GNDQueenstown Ground128.300
DELNZQN_DELQueenstown Delivery121.900

Rostered ATC

The controller positions for this event are being rostered by the event organisers.

You can apply to provide ATC via the VATNZ Website.

Flight Bookings

We encourage pilots to book your intention to fly using vroute.

These bookings display on the VATNZ website and allow others to know when and where to expect pilots and controllers to be online.

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