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Tauranga Parade

Roll up, roll up. Come one, come all! VATSIM New Zealand Sunday Night Ops is focused tonight around Tauranga in the Bay of Pleanty. Come and explore a city full of culture, fashion, international trade and horticultue science. Being the most sixth largest area within New Zealand, the locals are looking forward to a visit from as many aircraft as possible to populate the aerodrome.

Pilots tonight can fly from any airport they wish, we want to get the Tauranga aerodrome as full of aircraft, whether that is IFR aircraft dropping passengers in their Beechcraft 1900D from Eagle Airways, or their Dash 8 from Air Nelson. Pilots can choose to explore the Bay area VFR, or to fly between various other airports in the area too. Tauranga offers fantastic approaches to the field, and pilots can once again fine tune their skills!

Controllers, whilst there are only two rostered positions, feel free to arm other fields, being to the west or south of Tauranga, offering pilots a service at their airport of origin.



 CallsignRadio NameFrequencyFreq
CTRNZCH-B_CTRBay Approach119.500
TWRNZTG_TWRTauranga Tower118.300