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Te Rotorua-nui-a-Kahumatamomoe

Tonights Sunday Night Ops, we fly into The second great lake of Kahumatamomoe, or more commonly known as Rotorua! After several weeks of flying over ocean to Australia and The Chathams we fly into the Bay of Plenty.

Depart or fly into Rotorua from several other regional towns or cities, such as Auckland, Queenstown and New Plymouth. Don't let that stop you, depart anywhere within New Zealand and fly into Rotorua for the hot springs, after all we are now in winter!

Rotorua can handle anything up to a 737NG or Airbus 320, anybody wanting to fly a turboprop is more than welcome (Did I hear someone say Q400??)

See you Sunday!



 CallsignRadio NameFrequencyFreq
CTRNZCH-B_CTRBay Approach119.500
TWRNZRO_TWRRotorua Tower121.200