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Winterless North

This week's SNO takes us on a trip around the winterless north of New Zealand. Starting at Auckland (NZAA) and completing a round trip around the main northland airports, the route to follow will be Auckland (NZAA) - Whangarei (NZWR) - Kerikeri (NZKK) - Kaitaia (NZKT) and then back to Auckland (NZAA)

The routes are typically suited to a B1900 aircraft or smaller however if you have another aircraft you wish to bring along then feel free to fly it. The published route of the SNO is one way but if you wish to make it a bit more interesting for the controller, you can fly the routes in the opposite direction! Also if you wish to add even more fun for the controller and yourself you can fly out of Ardmore (NZAR) in a GA aircraft. The choice is up to you!

Flight Routes

Auckland to Whangarei - AA H379 WR

Whangarei to Kerikeri - WR H275 KK

Kerikeri to Kaitaia - KK H275 KT

Kaitaia to Auckland - KT G591 PERAS then UKAPA1B (05R) or APABLO1A (23L) RNAV Arrivals.


NZAA Auckland, New Zealand


 CallsignRadio NameFrequencyFreq
CTRNZCH-R_CTRAuckland Control126.000
APPNZAA_APPAuckland Approach124.300
TWRNZAA_TWRAuckland Tower118.700