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Worldflight 2013 Positioning

On Monday 4th November 2013, the 2013 Worldflight event kicks off from Sydney Australia on it's 7-day around the world tour.

Now's the chance to position across to Sydney and get a good night's sleep before Worldflight leaves the next morning!

Depart Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch in your favourite aircraft and arrive safely into Sydney so that the engineers can get your ride prepared for some Worldflight sectors.

It's also a chance for pilots to practice their Oceanic reporting: use the Oceanic Reporting Tool to figure out what needs to be in your report.

Flight Routes

  • Auckland to Sydney:
    AA N774 SY

  • Wellington to Sydney:
    WN M636 SY
  • Christchurch to Sydney:
    CH N750 PLUGA M636 SY



NZAA Auckland, New Zealand

NZCH Christchurch, New Zealand

NZCG Centennial Park, New Zealand


 CallsignRadio NameFrequencyFreq
FSSNZZO_FSSAuckland Radio128.900
CTRNZCH-K_CTRChristchurch Control129.400
 NZCH-R_CTRAuckland Control126.000
 NZCH-T_CTRChristchurch Control123.700
APPNZAA_APPAuckland Approach124.300
 NZCH_APPChristchurch Approach126.100
 NZWN_APPWellington Approach119.300
TWRNZAA_TWRAuckland Tower118.700
 NZCH_TWRChristchurch Tower118.400
 NZWN_TWRWellington Tower118.800
GNDNZAA_GNDAuckland Ground121.900
 NZCH_GNDChristchurch Ground121.900
 NZWN_GNDWellington Ground121.900