Challenge #2: ILS/DME Approach to Wellington (NZWN)


It might seem simple enough, but New Zealand's Capital, Wellington, isn't known as the windy city for nothing.

According to the New Zealand MetService, Wellington has, on average, 172 days a year where the wind gust greater than 32kts and 61 days a year where the wind gusts greater than 50kts!

To complicate matters slightly, the Runway is only 1814m (5951ft) long and is bounded by the Cook Strait to the south and Wellington Harbour to the north. There isn't really a lot of room for error.

If you don't believe us, then you might want to take a look at this video:

The Challenge

Fly an ILS/DME approach into NZWN using the supplied weather for the Runway-in-use at the time of your flight.

Important Information

  1. Download the weather for the Runway that is in use at Wellington for the time of your flight. This means that you will be using the same runway as other traffic in the area.
  2. Wellington is able to accomodate B747 aircraft, however, pilot's have to be specially trained and we do not recomend attempting this challenge in anything larger than a B757/B767.

The Weather

The provided weather is based on the following (real world) METAR for NZWN:

Runway 16:
NZWN 230520Z 21042G54KT 6000 SHRA FEW012 SCT016 BKN027 10/09 Q1014 WS R16 TEMPO 3000 -RA BKN014 RMK KAUKAU 20053KT

Runway 34:
NZWN 230520Z 29042G54KT 6000 SHRA FEW012 SCT016 BKN027 10/09 Q1014 WS R16 TEMPO 3000 -RA BKN014 RMK KAUKAU 30053KT

The weather is defined for a region 64km (35nm) in diameter. You may wish to depart using real world/VATSIM weather until such time as you are within 35nm of NZWN and then switch to the challenge weather.

Download Weather

Download weather themes for FS9 and FSX


Being located in the centre of the country, as well as being the capital, almost all major New Zealand cities and towns have direct services to Wellington. There are also direct services from various Australian cities too.


Wellington Charts