Virtual Airline Partners

VATNZ encourages Virtual Airlines to participate on the VATSIM network. 

The VATSIM Virtual Airline Policy can found here.

Current Virtual Airline Partners


PREMIUM VA PARTNER Virtual Air New Zealand

Virtual Air New Zealand is based in Auckland, New Zealand. They operate a large fleet, and numerous local, regional and international destinations. So if you are a novice pilot, or experienced, they have a flight and an aircraft for everyone.

Fly over 4,000 flight legs on the Air New Zealand Domestic & International Schedules. They use their own in-house ACARS system and are currently operating a Full Air NZ Timetable giving you a broad range of choices. They have a large fleet of aircraft ranging from the Dash8-300Q, ATR72-500 & B1900 short range turboprops, to the Boeing 747-400, 777-200 & 777-300ER long haul jetliners.


 VeeOz Virtual Airlines

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VeeOz Virtual Airlines is an Australian based virtual airline simulating the operations of a real world domestic and international carrier.  VeeOz Virtual pride ourselves on delivering to the dedicated virtual airline employee the most realistic simulation of the career of a real life airline pilot possible.  We seek out and recruit only the highest quality virtual airline pilots to maintain a very high standard of airmanship and professionalism in our operations on the VATSIM Network.

VeeOz Virtual operates a fleet of Boeing 737, Boeing 777, Airbus A330 and Embraer E-Jets utilizing only the best quality payware aircraft on the market, coupled with the most realistic dispatch and flight planning software available to service ports in Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, Middle East and the United States.  If you think you have what it takes to join the VeeOz Virtual team, visit our website at


Trans-Australia Aviation Group (TAAG)

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Trans-Australia Aviation Group (TAAG) is a virtual airline and brings together most of the world's leading airlines together in the one home. There is no shortage of routes, aircraft and destinations to choose from. Whether you only have time for a quick short hop or a longhaul. We have a very friendly and helpful group of members who will make you feel welcome and be a part of a close, fun community.
Primarily we replicate Australian Airlines, including complete weekly schedules of Qantas, Virgin Blue, Pacific Blue, V Australia, Jetstar, Tiger Airways, Regional Express (REX), Air North and Brindabella Airlines. We are currently operating flights around the world, with the incorporation of Virgin America, Atlas Air, Air Pacific, British Airways and JetBlue Airlines. For complete variety, we have a helicopter charter service replicating Bristow Helicopters, where flights are available anywhere around the world in rotor airframes. We utilise a program client named Virtual Airlines Financial System (VAFS) that tracks and records varying details and data of the flightincluding hours and a sophisticated PIREP system.



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RAAFvirtual is a volunteer run group comprised of civilian, active duty, and overseas (worldwide) participants making a total force of some of the best pilots ever to take to the virtual skies.We are one of the most active Military Virtual Airlines on VATSIM.
We fly flight operations in Australia, New Zealand and all over the world.This organisation mirrors our real world counterpart, and pays homage to the men and women who serve with the Australian Defence Force.
RAAFvirtual undertakes a variety of missions on the VATSIM network including Tactical and Strategic Strike, Air Superiority, AirborneEarly Warning & Control, Maritime Patrol and Surveillance,Reconnaissance, Flight Test and Evaluation, Special Operations, Humanitarian airlift and other substantial core and support missions. We continually strive for realistic, educational yet fun operations on a day to day basis. RAAFvirtual operates a modern fleet of aircraft. RAAFvirtual is committed to fleet modernisation, the test, evaluation,and practical application of new technologies to achieve greater realism than ever before. We continue to seek quality team members to help lead us through our growing role in the VATSIM Special Operations community.


PREMIUM VA PARTNER Noble Air - New Zealand

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Noble Air  - New Zealand is the New Zealand Hub of Noble Air. Noble Air first commenced operations from San Francisco in June of 1994, making it one of the oldest virtual airlines in VATSIM. With our New Zealand operations we concentrate on flights within the South Pacific and Asian Regions but also have access through our sister hubs to all of the World.

Noble Air has one of the most advanced automated PIREP and ACARS systems in the virtual world and over 100 active pilots - Come fly with virtually the worlds most favourite airline.


Koru Virtual 

Koru Virtual is extremely proud to accurately represent Air New Zealand's real world operations, operating within New Zealand and the Oceania region. We are ecstatic that as a virtual airline we continually impress people from around the globe. Not only do we simulate Air New Zealand and their operations, we also offer codeshares with other airlines. These include Virgin Australia and Atlantic, Lufthansa, Etihad and many more. There are plenty of options to suit every pilot, from the casual globetrotter to the serious simmer.


Compass Airlines

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Welcome to Compass. We are an Australian & New Zealand based Virtual Airline seeking to replicate the varied operations of a major airline. We cover a wide variety of operations from long haul international flights based out of Australia and New Zealand to the Pacific, South East Asia, the Middle East, Europe Africa and the Americas, right down to short regional hops.  We also have a fully developed domestic routes along major trunk routes throughout Australia and New Zealand. Two allied divisions, Compass Express and Compass Logistics provide regional and cargo services.


Virtual RNZAF

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The Virtual Royal New Zealand Air Force is a virtual military organisation run by a group of keen flight simmers based in New Zealand. Our mission is to train pilots to fly online and mimic the RNZAF as close as possible.