Controller Operations Director

Responsible to:

  • VATNZ Division Director

Direct Reports:

  • Training Staff


  • Manages and oversees operations in the VATNZ airspace
  • Attends periodic VATNZ Board meetings to report on operational matters
  • Stay abreast of real world issues which may involve VATNZ airspace
  • Monitors VATNZ policy change proposals
  • Publish NOTAMS as and when required to inform pilots and controllers of relevant short term changes to procedures in the VATNZ airspace
  • Design, organise and update Sector files for the VATNZ airspace
  • Assign ATC Frequencies to avoid transmission on same channels and update relevant webpage
  • Allocate Squawk-codes and maintain an up-to-date POF file for use in Controller software
  • Coordinate agreements of ATC procedures between other adjoining VATSIM divisions and sectors within the NZFIR
  • Assigning ATC students to mentors and assessors
  • The completion of training records
  • Certifying ATC students
  • Managing the team of ATC Training Department Instructors and Mentors
  • Attend ATC Training meetings as required
  • The selection of training staff in conjunction with the Training Syllabus Director
  • Maintains an online presence on the VATSIM Network

Position Holder Attributes:

  • Be a member of the VATNZ Division of VATSIM for a period longer than 12 months
  • Be a member of good standing in VATSIM and VATNZ
  • Be rated on VATSIM to no less than TMA Controller Level
  • Have good knowledge of the VATSIM Code of Conduct and Code of Regulations
  • Have proven ability in the management of a small group of people
  • Be able to work well within a voluntary organisation
  • Ideally be involved within the airline industry in New Zealand to obtain up-to-date policies, procedures and changes
  • Have proven ability with the use of VATSIM Approved Controller Client Software


Contact: Oliver Holmwood