Training Syllabus Director

Responsible to:

  • VATNZ Division Director

Direct Reports:

  • Training Staff 


  • Responsible for the efficiency and effectiveness of the VATNZ ATC training program
  • Attends periodic VATNZ Board meetings to report on training activities and issues and to stay abreast of issues which may involve VATNZ Training
  • Maintains training pages on the VATNZ Website and Testing Site through the Content Management System (no previous Web Design experience is necessary)
  • Works directly with ATC training staff on training issues and provides ATC expertise to aid them in their decisions on operational issues
  • Ensures that ATC training programs are planned, conducted, assessed, and improved on a continuous basis
  • Introduce new procedures that will innovate ATC training and testing of Controllers
  • Establishes periodic VATNZ Training Department meetings, reports and newsletters
  • Maintains a staff of VATNZ ATC Instructors to recruit and certify Controller Level ratings
  • The selection of training staff in conjunction with the Controller Operations Director
  • The training of new mentors and instructors
  • Monitors the performance and activity of Mentors/Instructors
  • The maintenance of training aids such as Sweatbox files
  • Maintains an online presence on the VATSIM Network

Position Holder Attributes:

  • Be a member of the VATNZ Division of VATSIM for a period longer than 12 months
  • Be a member of good standing in VATSIM and VATNZ
  • Be rated on VATSIM to no less than Enroute Controller Level
  • Have good knowledge of the VATSIM Code of Conduct and Code of Regulations
  • Have proven ability in the management of a small group of people
  • Be able to work well within a voluntary organisation
  • Have proven ability with the use of VATSIM Approved Controller Client Software
  • Have proven ability with the use of Flight Simulation and VATSIM Approved Pilot Client Software
  • Have some experience in teaching, instructing, or consistently helping others to achieve their goals (in any level and in area of knowledge)
  • Have an attitude that will inspire others to teach and to learn, while creating a friendly environment for the learning process to take place


Contact: Cam Tyson