New Pilot Software Released

VATSIM have announced the release of vPilot, the much-anticipated new Pilot software that allows pilots using FSX and P3D to easily connect to the VATSIM network.

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One of the greatest frustrations to new members trying to get involved with VATSIM is the complexity of getting the existing Pilot software products installed and configured correctly. Both of the two main packages in the current generation of pilot software have provided valiant service over the past decade, but even their most ardent supporters would admit that they can be somewhat temperamental, and neither client has been in active development for several years.

vPilot aims to address the issues of its predecessors and provide a simple and intuitive user experience, allowing VATSIM members to quickly and easily get online and into the action.

You can check it out at the vPilot website.


The official announcement from VATSIM:

VATSIM Notice to Airmen (NOTAM)
Issued by Steven Cullen (841154), 02-May-2014 19:37 UTC

VATSIM is pleased to announce the release of the next generation pilot client by Ross Carlson:  VPilot.

vPilot is a simple yet robust alternative to Squawkbox and FSInn, that will allow you to connect your aircraft to the VATSIM network, see and be seen, communicate with controllers and other pilots, all with what has been described by beta testers as a "bombproof, 5 minute, works first time out of the box" setup.

The author, Ross Carlson, has been helping the VATSIM community for years, with invaluable programs for pilots, controllers and observers like VRC, vSTARS, vDSR, and VAT-Spy.

With the release of VPilot, Ross brings a simple functionality to the hobby, by demystifying the process necessary to fly online, either solo, or shared cockpit.

The client will be available for download from the vPilot website

As always, it is provided to our members free of charge, for their use and enjoyment.

Given the simplicity of vPilot, we hope it encourages more virtual aviators to take the next step join VATSIM, and fly online, interacting with fellow pilots and controllers.