Following the introduction of the VATBOOK Pre-booking system to VATNZ, ATC Controllers authorised to provide Air Traffic Control services in the New Zealand Flight Information Regions may pre-book their ATC postions to inform Pilots and other Controllers about their INTENTION to provide ATC services in New Zealand.

VATNZ has enabled the Pre-booking of ATC services and Flights in the New Zealand Domestic and Oceanic FIRs. The intention of this is to provide an indication of when and where ATC is likely to be online, to assist pilots make decisions about where they might like to fly to receive Air Traffic Control services or for Controllers to make decisions about what positions they might like to Control to provide services to expected traffic in New Zealand.

Controllers are reminded of the VATSIM Code of Conduct, article C5:

"Positions are occupied on a “first come” basis. If the position a controller wants to work is already occupied, then another position should be found."

Notwithstanding, Controllers should respect another member's intention to control by checking the VATNZ ATC Bookings on the VATNZ Webpage before they log on. Should they see that another controller is intending to provide ATC service during the same period, they should select another position to control. If however, 15 minutes has elapsed from the time that an ATC Booking is scheduled and the pre-booked Controller has not logged on, any Controller may logon to that position.

Controllers may only pre-book times that they intend to control. Abuse of the booking system is disrespectful to other members, and a breach of the VATSIM Code of Conduct A.1., "Members should, at all times, be courteous and respectful to one another."

Controllers should show consideration to all others when pre-booking ATC positions.

ATC Positions must be booked at least 90 minutes in advance otherwise the first-in, first-served rule over-rides the pre-booking.

Controllers should only pre-book an ATC Position if they actually intend on providing an ATC service.

Even though a Controller has pre-booked the intention to provide ATC services, or a pilot has filed and intention to fly a flight, this is not a guarantee that any person will be able to complete those duties and should be taken as a guide only.


VATNZ may, from time to time, declare that ATC positions for specific events may only be allocated by the Events Director. This will be be notified to members in Event Announcements in the VATNZ Forums.