In order to provide fairness and equity to members of the VATNZ Discord, this policy outlines the process when an alleged breach has occurred.


All VATNZ Board members are considered moderators of the VATNZ Discord server and have full access to all moderation commands and actions


All VATNZ Staff members are considered sub-moderators of the VATNZ Discord server and have access to a limited set of moderation commands and actions.

Miscreant Role

The Miscreant role’s purpose is to limit a user's interaction on the VATNZ Discord server while an investigation is carried out. Its use does not necessarily mean a user has violated the rules, but that a full investigation is needed to determine further action if any.


Following the application of the Miscreant role, the member issuing the Miscreant Role will email the VATNZ Board to advise that this has been done but provide no additional comment or evidence. Following this email, the VATNZ Board will appoint a Moderation Panel.

VATNZ Discord Moderation Panel

The Moderation Panel will consist of the Division Director or Deputy Division Director and two other members (one of whom can be the Division Director or Deputy Division Director) of the VATNZ Board. The member who issued the Miscreant role shall not be a member of the Panel to ensure integrity. All members of the Panel must be independent of the issue. If there are insufficient Board members independent of the issue, the Division Director may appoint another VATSIM member from the Asia Pacific Region to assist.

Once the Discord Moderation Panel has been appointed, the member who enacted the Miscreant Role will furnish a report to the Panel detailing all of the evidence and their decision process.

The Moderation Panel will review all of the evidence within seven days of the Miscreant Role being issued. Where there is a requirement to gather further information, the Miscrient Role may be extended as required.

Following a review of the evidence, the Moderation Panel may take one or more of the following actions:

  1. No further action and restore the member's Discord privileges. 
  2. Extend the Miscreant Role for a finite period, not exceeding three months, to allow the member a "cooling off" period.
  3. Recommend to the VATNZ Board to permanently remove the member's access to the VATNZ Discord. When this recommendation is made, a majority vote of the VATNZ Board is required to remove the member's access to the VATNZ Discord permanently.
  4. Where the evidence shows a breach of the VATSIM Code of Conduct, extend the Miscrient Role and refer the evidence to the VATSIM Vice President of Supervisors to complete a 'post-factum investigation. 

The Division Director or Deputy Division Director will notify the member and the person applying the Miscreant Role of the outcome in writing, including any extensions to gather further evidence.