Staff Members

ATC Mentors/Instructors

The following members will assist members in training as Virtual Air Traffic Controllers:

  • Damien Corbett - ATC Instructor - ATC Training Director
  • Ray Lang - ATC Instructor
  • Andrew Moseley - ATC Instructor
  • Cam Tyson - ATC Instructor
  • Oliver Holmwood - ATC Instructor
  • Grant Powell - ATC Mentor (Tower)
  • Brodie Murdoch - - ATC Mentor (Tower)

VATNZ Founders

VATNZ was founded on 1 January 2007. Prior to this, there was only one Division in the Oceania Region and the New Zealand FIRs fell under the responsibility of VATPAC.

The following members founded VATNZ:

  • Wagner Beskow
  • Norm Edwards
  • Jason Epps-Eades
  • John Golin
  • Beverley Howard-Smith
  • Russell Joudain
  • Andrew Moseley
  • Mark Richards
  • Terry Scanlan

VATNZ Board Position Descriptions: