Procedural Towers

Procedural Towers are aerodrome towers that provide a consolidated Tower and Procedural Approach Service.

In order to staff the following Towers, Controllers must hold an S2 Rating with a Procedural Tower Endorsement. A list of these Controller can be found on the Endorsements page. Controllers who hold a S3 rating or higher is not required to hold a Procedural Tower endorsement, by virtue of having superceded the requirements.

Controllers who wish to apply for a Procedural Tower endorsement may do so through the Training Department.

Procedural Tower List

Gisborne (NZGS) up to 9,500 40 GS DME 40 GS DME
Napier (NZNR) up to 9,500 30 NR DME 30 NR DME
New Plymouth (NZNP) up to 6,500  40 NP DME 20 NP DME
Nelson (NZNS) up to 9,500 40 NS DME 15 NS DME
Dunedin (NZDN) up to 13,500 35 SW DME 35 SW DME
Invercargill (NZNV) up to 9,500 50 NV DME 50 NV DME
Phoenix Field/Ice Runway up to 2,500 (Class D), up to FL245 (Class E)N/A (NZCM_FSS)