Controller Training

The VATNZ Training Department is in charge of training members the skills they'll need to offer ATC services in VATNZ airspace.

Welcome to the VATNZ Training Department

The VATNZ Training Department extends its warmest greetings to you as you enter the VATNZ Controller Training Site.

Here you will be able to undertake training to become a Virtual Air Traffic Controller in VATNZ airspace and learn other valuable skills for the VATSIM network.

The VATNZ rating progresses in the following manner:

  • S2 (Student - Tower Course)
  • S3 (Senior Student - TMA Couse)
  • C1 (Controller - Enroute Course)

For S2 rated controllers, we provide an optional Procedural Tower Endorsement course that allows you to control a tower on the procedural towers list. For C1 rated controllers, we now offer an optional Oceanic Endorsement training that allows you to control any position listed on the Pacific Oceanic Partnership website. We also provide courses for people desiring to become a Visting Controller (VC) in VATNZ airspace.

This VATNZ Mentor/Instructor Policy outlines the role of a VATNZ Instructor/Mentor, their privileges and some guidelines in order to assist training within VATNZ.  You can read this policy here: