Oceanic Controller Roster

VATNZ is a member of the Pacific Oceanic Partnership.

Under this programme, the following controllers are permitted to provide Oceanic ATC Services within:

  • VATNZ Oceanic Airspace
  • VATPAC Oceanic Airspace
  • VATUSA's Oakland Oceanic Airspace

Oceanic coverage inside VATNZ airspace by controllers other than those listed below is not permitted.

VATNZ - VATSIM New Zealand

Controller NameRatingController IDLast VATNZ Activity
Nathanael BrownEnroute Controller132422006 Jan 2019
Damien CorbettSenior Instructor116852414 Sep 2019
Oliver HolmwoodSenior Controller131273405 Jul 2019
Zain KhanEnroute Controller134507415 Sep 2019
Ray LangSupervisor89988415 Sep 2019
Fenton LovedayEnroute Controller134844510 Sep 2019
Andrew MoseleySenior Instructor81008822 Aug 2019
Andrew OgdenInstructor133692520 Apr 2019
Mark RichardsAdministrator81145116 Sep 2019
David WalshEnroute Controller81165922 May 2019
Duncan WhiteSenior Controller126798314 Sep 2019

VATPAC - VATSIM Australia/Pacific

The following VATPAC members are Oceanic-rated and therefore permitted to provide Oceanic coverage in VATNZ airspace, as part of the Pacific Oceanic Partnership.
Controller NameRatingController IDLast VATNZ Activity
Peter AdamosSenior Controller117770304 Aug 2019
Greg BarberSenior Controller90325416 Sep 2019
Jason BeringerEnroute Controller86050414 Sep 2019
Zach Biesse-FittonAdministrator121766308 Sep 2019
Norman BlackburnAdministrator87057511 Sep 2019
Steven BrownSenior Controller104950629 Jun 2019
Luke Bruce-SmithSupervisor88231415 Sep 2019
Sam ChenEnroute Controller122614115 Sep 2019
Kirk ChristieSenior Controller95676316 Sep 2019
David CoxEnroute Controller116055909 Aug 2019
Kurt D'AmicoSupervisor117871016 Sep 2019
Dylan GrenfellEnroute Controller125367514 Sep 2019
Jackson HardingAdministrator82045727 May 2019
Andrew HarleSenior Controller94877409 Dec 2018
Sean HarrisonEnroute Controller87061814 Sep 2019
Nick HassallEnroute Controller115980502 Jun 2018
Blake HendrieEnroute Controller131686714 Sep 2019
Jacob HolmesEnroute Controller131021920 May 2019
Rob HooleySenior Controller81142809 Oct 2018
Dru KlumperEnroute Controller127957204 Sep 2019
Dillon LalorEnroute Controller128088710 Jun 2019
James LarkinEnroute Controller97421516 Sep 2019
Rowan LilleyEnroute Controller127288013 Sep 2019
Daniel MartinEnroute Controller135688129 Apr 2019
Joshua MicallefInstructor134208414 Sep 2019
Eoin MotherwayEnroute Controller131534801 Sep 2019
Arjun MurthySenior Instructor105134310 Nov 2018
Terrence ScanlanSenior Instructor81062802 Jul 2019
Harrison ScottInstructor130556707 Sep 2019
Tanner SeymourEnroute Controller131262616 Jun 2019
Tracy ShiffmanSupervisor84872515 Sep 2019
Will SmartEnroute Controller132364516 Jul 2019
Ryan SteffeSenior Instructor129508317 Aug 2019
Peter StoryEnroute Controller124937327 Aug 2019
Callum StrawbridgeSenior Instructor117988212 Sep 2019
Cristian TorzEnroute Controller128354415 Sep 2019
Paul TyquinEnroute Controller132540811 Sep 2019
Cam TysonInstructor134385226 Aug 2019
Shannon WellsSenior Controller81181512 Aug 2017
David ZhongEnroute Controller102722411 Feb 2019


The following VATUSA members are Oceanic-rated and therefore permitted to provide Oceanic coverage in VATNZ airspace, as part of the Pacific Oceanic Partnership.
Controller NameRatingController IDLast VATNZ Activity
Ryan AllyEnroute Controller135906413 Jun 2019
William AndersonInstructor121022615 Apr 2018
Ben AnelloSenior Controller81168031 Aug 2019
Ryan BarnesEnroute Controller137729121 Aug 2019
Brandon BarrettSenior Instructor118102909 Sep 2019
Matt Bozwood-DaviesInstructor124041102 Sep 2019
Clay BrockEnroute Controller129966716 Sep 2019
Brin BrodySenior Instructor135452016 Sep 2019
Hal ButtsSupervisor117136314 Sep 2019
Andrew CallInstructor131295829 Mar 2018
Rajiv DeyoungEnroute Controller116876404 Dec 2018
David EpsteinEnroute Controller125258516 Sep 2019
Daniel EvemanInstructor124019114 Sep 2019
Kaylan FullertonInstructor117794115 Sep 2019
Vishaank GhaiSenior Instructor123391006 Sep 2018
Krikor HajianSenior Instructor128314615 Sep 2019
Mark HubbertSupervisor105458315 Sep 2019
Che JacksonEnroute Controller119648503 Sep 2019
Tony JeppesenEnroute Controller98657116 Sep 2019
Andrew JohnsonEnroute Controller120787030 Jul 2019
Kyle KaestnerSenior Instructor133014814 Sep 2019
Elai KindlerEnroute Controller134907616 Sep 2019
Christos KokkinomagoulosInstructor122352907 Aug 2019
Eric KollatEnroute Controller125094722 Jul 2019
Jakob KruseInstructor130920822 May 2019
Charan KumarEnroute Controller107810714 Sep 2019
Alexander LannuzziEnroute Controller1332886
Brad LeeEnroute Controller97163008 Apr 2019
Brayden ManzellaSupervisor126650905 Sep 2019
Adam MarionEnroute Controller113835623 Feb 2019
Diego MartinezEnroute Controller116649716 Sep 2019
Ethan McmichaelEnroute Controller117076420 Sep 2017
Craighton MillerEnroute Controller127339912 Sep 2019
Michael Mund-HoymSupervisor103894215 Sep 2019
Dominic NguyenEnroute Controller120079514 Sep 2019
Francisco ObregonSenior Controller100431006 Sep 2019
Rahul ParkarEnroute Controller110559427 May 2018
Raaj PatelEnroute Controller129325715 Sep 2019
Donovan PatrickInstructor132788301 Dec 2017
Gia PhamEnroute Controller129908516 Sep 2019
Chris RaabeEnroute Controller132754016 Sep 2019
Toby RiceEnroute Controller124504608 Jun 2019
Michael RoachEnroute Controller130441502 May 2017
Ira RobinsonSupervisor110009221 Jul 2019
Rick RumpInstructor105358121 Aug 2019
Tom SeeleySenior Controller96026305 Aug 2018
Jaden SimmonsInstructor132390316 Sep 2019
Carl StalloneEnroute Controller92504807 Dec 2018
Andrew SterlingSenior Instructor128117127 Jul 2019
Jay TaylorEnroute Controller122095126 Aug 2019
Kyle WatkinsSenior Controller115106817 Sep 2019
Lucas WeissEnroute Controller126381020 Jun 2018
Brandon WeningSenior Instructor139447611 Aug 2019
Chase ZimmermanEnroute Controller122559005 Jan 2019

Visiting Controllers

The following VATSIM members from other divisions are Oceanic-rated and have been granted visiting controller status, and are therefore permitted to provide Oceanic coverage in VATNZ, VATPAC, & VATUSA airspace, as part of the Pacific Oceanic Partnership.
Controller NameRatingController IDLast VATNZ Activity
Bailey BrownEnroute Controller137615915 Sep 2019
Ray DotulungSenior Controller103751415 Sep 2019
Florian HarmsSupervisor84118116 Sep 2019
Claus JorgensenInstructor113815816 Sep 2019
Romano LaraEnroute Controller101819816 Sep 2019
Samuel LitsasEnroute Controller138218311 Aug 2019
Andreas ManumInstructor135244813 Aug 2019
Chris MauroEnroute Controller98942904 Feb 2019
Aidan MccoyInstructor128796914 Aug 2019
Matthew McewenInstructor130328916 Sep 2019
Brodie MurdochEnroute Controller130631213 Sep 2019
Ngo Dac Nhat QuangSenior Controller118738625 Aug 2019
Tom SandersonInstructor128792704 Sep 2019
Anson TamEnroute Controller139584114 Sep 2019
Al TangSupervisor93480908 Sep 2019