VATNZ for GoogleEarth

VATNZ is proud to present a unique feature on VATNZ for GoogleEarth.

Now you can view all the aircraft and air traffic controllers currently connected to the VATSIM network using GoogleEarth!

  • Each icon is clickable to display detailed flight or controller information.
  • Each aircraft shows current position, and positions over the last twenty minutes all in three dimensions (ie: including altitude information).
  • Great circle paths are plotted between aircraft origins and destinations.
  • Data is updated every two minutes.

To view VATNZ for GoogleEarth, you need GoogleEarth v4 or greater.
(Available as a free download from

Once you have it installed, you're ready to view VATNZ for GoogleEarth.

Your feedback, comments, problems, etc welcome via:

 VATNZ/VATNZ for GoogleEarth/Google Earth/1140