Endorsements and S1 holders approved to connect under 6.2.2 of the S1 Developing Controller policy

Endorsements afford controllers additional privileges in addition to those gained through their rating.

VATNZ members can be granted the following:

  • Solo  endorsement 
  • Procedural Tower endorsement
  • for S1 controllers, blanket approval to connect per clause 6.2.2 of the S1 Developing Controller policy


Solo endorsement

A solo endorsement allows students to operate unsupervised on positions associated with the rating for which they are training.

The training department will grant a solo endorsement to students who are almost ready for their practical assessment. Students can practice what they have learned in lessons with instructors and gain more confidence in the process. The endorsement will be an integral part of training, offering more chances for students to hone their abilities.

The endorsement only applies to students training for Aerodrome Control (S2), Terminal Approach (S3), and Enroute Controller (C1) ratings.

Under normal circumstances, the solo endorsement will automatically lapse 90 days from the initial grant or when training for the rating is completed, whichever occurs first.

Click the link below to find a list of controllers with solo endorsements.


Procedural approach control endorsement

Some airports in New Zealand provide a procedural approach service to aircraft, which is outside the scope of the S2 rating. S2 controllers require a procedural approach control endorsement, available through the Training Department, to staff those positions.

Click the link below for a list of S2 controllers with the procedural approach control endorsement.