The Training Process

The Training Department's courses each follow the same general process.

In the broadest terms, when a student enrols in a Course they proceed through three key stages:

  1. Theory
    Once a student's enrolment has been accepted, they are given access to the Course Training Materials, and use these to study the Course's theory content.

    Typically this is followed by a Theory Test which covers the information contained in the Training Materials.
    Completing the test alows the student to move on to the next phase of their training.

    There is no penalty if the student requires multiple attempts at the theory test; students may resit the test again as soon as they are ready.

    The goal of the Theory Test is simply to ensure that the student has a general understanding of the Course's theoretical components, which will form the basis upon which their practical training will build.

  2. Mentoring
    The bulk of the Course consists of one-on-one practical training with an assigned Mentor from the VATNZ Training Department.

    The Mentors work with their students both on the live VATSIM network, and in the Sweatbox training platform to teach the practical skills required for successful completion of the Course.

    These sessions continue until the Mentor signs off on their student as being ready for assessment.

  3. Practical Assessment
    The final phase of each Course is the Practical Assessment. This is typically conducted by a senior member of the VATNZ Training Department, who has not been personally involved in this student's training up until this point.

    The student is evaluated against the elements of the Course Syllabus and the Assessor makes a determination as to whether the student has the required skills and knowledge.

    In the event that the Assessor believes that further mentoring is required, the student will be redirected to their mentor with guidance as to what areas need additional training.

    Once the Assessor determines that the student meets the requirements for completion of the Course, they make a recommendation to the Training Director that the student be graduated from the Course. The Training Director will typically then apply whatever rewards are associated with completing the Course - eg: upgrading the student's controller rating, or adding an endorsement to their controller record - and officially mark the student as having completed the Course.

Training Workflow

The diagram below provides a more detailed description of the Training Workflow.

  • Blue boxes are the various statuses your Course Enrolment will pass through.
  • Green boxes are student-driven actions.
  • Orange boxes are Training Staff-driven actions.



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