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Easter Island Hopping

For this week's SNO, we will be island hopping between Samoa, Niue, Tonga and the Cook Islands.

Hopefully pilots will have time to do a hop & a skip.

Some may even do a hop, skip & a jump!

To assist with position reports, feel free to use the Oceanic Reporting Tool.




NSFA Faleolo, Western Samoa

NFTF Fua'amotu, Tonga

NIUE Niue International, Niue

NCRG Rarotonga, Cook Islands


 CallsignRadio NameFrequencyFreq
FSSNZZO_FSSAuckland Radio129.000
CTRNSFA_CTRFaleolo Control123.800
APPNCRG_APPRarotonga Control118.100
 NFTF_APPFua'amotu Control118.500
 NSFA_APPFaleolo Approach126.900
TWRNIUE_TWRNiue Tower118.100
 NSFA_TWRFaleolo Tower118.100
GNDNFTF_GNDFua'amotu Ground121.900
 NSFA_GNDFaleolo Ground121.900

Flight and ATC Bookings

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These bookings display on the VATNZ website and allow others to know when and where to expect pilots and controllers to be online.

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