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Non Night Shift Presents: Region! Cook Straight

Announcing This Month's Non Normal, visiting the Cook Straight region.

Seperating the North South Island and home to some of the best flying of all types! Jets into Wellington.. turoprop action into Nelson or Paraparaumu and some of the most scenic GA flying going around !

This Month's Non Normal will focus on the airports/fields situated around the Cook Straight. With a variety of controlled and uncontrolled airports, all of which are surrounded by water and susceptible to weather it should make for a fun evening with a mix of traffic types, and controllers a chance to station themselves at towers not normally frequented by normal traffic.

Whilst you can enjoy the whole NZZC as per usual the aim is to have as many movements in and out of the Cook Straight region as possible. 


ATC will NOT be rostered on for this Event.

Please Refer to - VATNZ ATC Policy


A reminder that NZPP_TWR is a Flight Service Station, not a Tower.


NZMK Motueka, New Zealand

NZWN Wellington, New Zealand


 CallsignRadio NameFrequencyFreq
CTRNZCH-T_CTRChristchurch Control123.700
APPNZWN_APPWellington Approach119.300
TWRNZNS_TWRNelson Tower127.400
 NZPP_TWRParaparaumu Flight Service Station118.300
 NZWB_TWRWoodbourne Tower118.100
 NZWN_TWRWellington Tower118.800
GNDNZWN_GNDWellington Ground121.900

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