Training Course
Enroute Course

In this course you will learn how to be an Enroute Controller.

At the end of this course there is 30 question quiz, which you will be required to complete and pass. The pass mark is 80%.

Following this, you will begin your practical training. This is done using simulated scenarios. To pass the practical training, you will be required to pass a Practical Controller Assessment.


Area Controllers have a somewhat more simplified job compared to Terminal Approach Control. They are basically responsible for climbing and descending aircraft into and out of Terminal airspace. However, Area controllers cover a much larger airspace and deal with a wider range of aircraft - from lower altitude single engine piston aircraft to high altitude jet aircraft. They are also responsible for handling arriving and departing aircraft from many regional airports; therefore Area controllers require and extensive knowledge of both Approach and Area functions.

This tutorial will teach you all about how to be an effective, efficient and most importantly, safe, Area Controller.

Below is the syllabus for Area Control. It details what you will need to know as well as the required skill sets needed to be an Area Controller. As such, any of the items in the syllabus are examinable.

Once you have looked through the syllabus, you can being reading through the Area Control Tutorial. If you have any questions regarding anything in this tutorial, please feel free to ask any of the mentor/instructing staff.

Awarded On Completion

Your Enroute Rating


  • Damien Corbett – Training Director
  • Ray Lang – Senior Instructor
  • Fenton Loveday – ATC Mentor
  • Andrew Moseley – Senior Instructor
  • Andrew Norris – Instructor
  • Andrew Ogden – Instructor


To enrol in this course you must meet the following requirements:

Minimum Controller RatingTMA Controller
Controller Hours30
Completed Terminal Approach CourseYes
Controller Hours since completing Terminal Approach Course30