Training Course
Instructor Training

Welcome this course is delivered primarily to instructors and mentors as a means for improving the knowledge and abilities of instructors to deliver a consistently higher standard of training and assessment. Although this training is titled 'Instructor' the Mentors will also gain an insight into what is required of the learners and this will only benefit the Mentor to provide a better level of training to learners. Although there are some short quizzes in this course, there is no competency requirements, you will not pass or fail. The quizzes are put together for you to self assess yourself and to check for understanding. The course provides you with an insight into proven vocational training industry best practice techniques. Upon completion of this training you shall have a greater understanding of the training and assessment process, and this makes your contribution to the community more effective, more enjoyable, and less time consuming. Please progress through this training and get what you can out of the material. I hope you find the course enjoyable.


  • What is competency based training?
  • Why do we assess?
  • The principles of adult learning
  • The Principles of assessment
  • Privacy of information
  • Training and assessment Quiz


  • Damien Corbett – Training Director
  • Ray Lang – Senior Instructor
  • Fenton Loveday – ATC Mentor
  • Andrew Moseley – Senior Instructor
  • Andrew Norris – Instructor
  • Andrew Ogden – Instructor


To enrol in this course you must meet the following requirements:

Minimum Controller RatingInstructor

To be selected as VATNZ Training Staff.