Division Director

 Responsible to:

  •  VATSIM Oceania Regional Director

Direct Reports:

  •     Deputy Director
  •     Training Director
  •     Operations/Airspace Director
  •     IT Director
  •     Pilot Operations Director
  •     Pilot Training Director


  • Responsible for overall smooth operation of the VATNZ Division of VATSIM
  • Establishes and publishes VATNZ  policies and duties of VATNZ Board
  • Conducts and chairs periodic meetings with VATNZ Board
  • Oversees the continued growth and  maintenance of  VATNZ information systems
  • Works directly with other Division Directors to foster international cooperation and the exchange of ideas
  • Communication to VATNZ Board and members
  • Prepares a quarterly report on the Division's activities for the Regional Director in the first week of January, April, July and October each year
  • Monitor progress of ongoing procedures (Training, Membership, Events, IT, etc)
  • Monitor ATC ID Upgrades
  • Maintains an on line presence on the VATSIM Network

Position Holder Attributes:

  • Be a member of the Oceania Region of VATSIM for a period longer than 12 months
  • Be a member of good standing in VATSIM
  • Have good knowledge of the VATSIM Code of Conduct and Code of Regulations
  • Have proven ability in the management of a small group of people
  • Be able to work well within a voluntary organisation
  • Have proven ability with the use of Flight Simulation and VATSIM Approved Pilot Client Software


Contact: Andrew Moseley