Airspace Changes - AIRAC 2014

Kia ora,

I am very excited to announce to the community the introduction of two brand new controller positions within VATNZ airspace.

These are the following positions:

  •  Ohakea Approach (NZOH_APP 125.1)
  •  Phoenix Field Tower (NZFX_TWR 126.2)

I am also excited to announce the following airspace changes:  

  • NZCM_FSS - Callsign & procedure changes.
    • "McMurdo Radio" -> "Mac Center".
    • FAA procedures on NZCM_FSS (Mac Center) are adopted (however controllers may continue to use VATNZ phraseology if they wish).  
    • Discontinued, replaced with NZFX_TWR.

Controllers should be aware of the following information:

  • Ohakea Approach provides a Class C control service from lower-level CTA/C to 11,000ft (above 11,000ft is owned by Ohakea Control 126.2).
  • Ohakea Approach provides a top-down service for Ohakea and Palmerston North aerodromes when relevant towers are off watch.
  • Ohakea Approach provides uncontrolled clearances for Whanganui, Fielding, and any other uncontrolled aerodrome within the OH TMR.
  • Mac Center now provides a Class E airspace approach service in Antarctica when NZFX or NZIR TWR is off watch (refer to SOP for more details).
    • Controllers should note that Mac Center doesn't provide a top-down service, but may issue IFR clearances.
  • Mac Center now has two frequencies (HF & VHF). Aircraft coming from New Zealand will begin on the HF frequency and as they get closer to Antarctica, will be transferred to the VHF frequency 118.2. For controllers to be able to use 118.2, you must cross couple (XC) NZCM_CTR. NZCM_CTR is a fake position and only to be used for XC capabilities. Controllers must not log on as NZCM_CTR.


Any questions should be directed to Cam -

On behalf of the VATNZ board, I hope you enjoy controlling these positions.

Happy New Year,