Andrew Moseley Steps Down as Division Director

Due to changes in his real world commitments, Andrew Moseley is stepping down as the Division Director of VATNZ.

Andrew started his onlne virtual aviation hobby back in the late 90s when SATCO was the only online network.

When SATCO became VATSIM in 2001, Andrew was 88th member to join VATSIM.

Back in those days, everything was text only, and there was no voice, and no model matching. You even had to sit a test to use voice!

Andrew was one of the founding members of VATNZ when it was formed in 2007. 

Andrew has posted about his time in SATCO/VATSIM in the VATNZ Discord.

The VP Regions (Asia Pacific) Anastasios Stefopoulos  will ve calling for applications for the Division Director role shortly. Any member of the Divsion is entitled to be apply.

The VATNZ Board thank Andrew for his years of dedication and service.