Minor Changes to Queenstown Frequencies

Please note - These amended procedures come into effect from the 25th of March (AIRAC Cycle 2103 Release).

This upcoming AIRAC cycle, which is effective from the 25th of March, we will be implementing some minor changes to our Queenstown frequencies on the Network.

At the moment we have three positions defined at Queenstown - Tower, Ground and Delivery. In the real-world Queenstown, they currently only use a Tower and a Delivery frequency. Any of you who have flown into Queenstown will know that this makes sense - with the incredible lack of taxiways.

Therefore, with effect from the 25th of March, the following changes will come into effect - 
- Queenstown Ground (NZQN_GND) will move to an Events Only position, with the new fictional frequency of 128.3MHz.  In order to staff this position, you must either have approval from the Events or Operations Director.
- Queenstown Delivery (NZQN_DEL) will become a Seconday position, having previously been an Events Only position. Queenstown Delivery will use the real-world frequency of 121.9MHz. 
- Queenstown Tower will now, by default, provide a Ground service to all aircraft, with the single exception being when the use of Queenstown Ground has been authorised.

All of our data releases will be amended on the effective date, in addition to the VATNZ Position Definitions, SOPs and AFV backend defintions.

If you have any questions, feel free to use our VATNZ Feedback system, or send me an email at operations (at) vatnz.net. Happy flying!